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Who We Are!

Step into a world of captivating scents with Jeval Perfumes, a brand of Jeewan Fragrances! Since 2019, JEVAL has been crafting perfumes for all ages and genders, promising long-lasting and unique fragrances at competitive prices. With the tagline 'Feel the Fragrance', JEVAL is dedicated to creating scents for every occasion. Discover our mission of pioneering artistry and excellent creations.

Check out our online store for a scent that suits your style. Our mission is to design top-quality products that exceed consumer expectations. Join us on this fragrant journey to be part of our mission!

– Pioneering and Artistic

– Excellent Creations

Pioneering Artistic Creations

Unlock the power of scent with Jeval Perfumes! Imagine the impact of a captivating first impression through the perfect perfume. Our online store offers a curated selection to help you leave a lasting olfactory memory. Choose wisely, your fragrance speaks volumes about you.

Jeewan Fragrances as a third party perfume manufacturer is there to help you extricate yourself in the jungle of men’s perfume or women’s perfume, very often it is not easy to choose the best fragrance that highlights our character and way of being. If you want to buy a perfume for yourself or a gift for a loved one, you are in the right place. So let’s find out together which are the best men’s perfumes that you can buy right now from our Online Store.

As a Best Perfume wholesaler and Manufacturer, our mission is to offer economical, long-lasting, and unique flavors to our customers at a meager price with the best quality in the market. Our artists are aimed to create an affordable & luxury fragrance that features you appealing, confident, glamorous, and burst of freshness to kindle all your senses.

Not only we have the experience of selling perfumes, but we also have the expertise to match. Our staff is trained and developed so that they are the most knowledgeable sales advisors within the perfume industry and we can even boast about having the largest number of fragrance graduates nationwide.

White Label Perfume Manufacturer in delhi
White Label Perfume Manufacturer in delhi

Exceptional quality and fast delivery! Jeval Perfumes truly exceeded my expectations with their customized white label perfumes.

- Biofive Fragrances

Absolutely impressed with the quality of Jeval Perfumes' products and the efficiency of their delivery service!

- Aroma Adorn

Absolutely amazed by the efficiency and professionalism! The entire process was incredibly smooth and hassle-free. The product quality is outstanding and long-lasting as committed.

- Core Fragrances




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